TFO Launches Its First Influencer Campaign With Influicity

Promoting the new season of TFO's BRBR, the network turns to the leading influencer marketplace to mobilize influencers across the country.

TFO has teamed up with Influicity for the influencer program surrounding the launch of a new season of BRBR Le Conquérant, which will begin airing on TFO in January 2016. The influencer campaign centers around a 13 city bus tour, wherein BRBR will be traveling via a branded bus and stopping to meet some of the most talented, promising artists along the way. To promote the show and road trip, TFO is leveraging the influencer marketplace and campaign management platform to identify the right influencers across Canada, then analyze, book, and collaborate around this campaign.

"This influencer program is quite sophisticated in the logistics and real-time nature of the execution," explains Jonathan Davids, Founder & CEO of Influicity. "It's not just showcasing a compelling product, these influencers are actually  traveling around the country, capture exciting moments and share with their fans across social. For a national campaign at this speed and scale, there's simply no other platform that can perform at the same level."

For a national campaign at this speed and scale, there's simply no other platform that can perform at the level of Influicity.

Jonathan Davids, CEO of Influicity

As part of the bus tour, 3 cities (Moncton, Winnipeg and Edmonton) will have their own free tailgate parties hosted by BRBR, with locals encouraged to come out to join in the fun. Influencers will be on-hand to document and share the festivities through social channels. The influencer execution will happen in two phases:

Phase 1 will be on the bus tour itself, with influencers joining at various events and milestones along the way. This content wil be shared in near real-time on platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. Long form video content will capture the experience through YouTube

Phase 2 will take effect in the weeks leading up to the TV launch in January 2016, with influencers reviving some of their content - or sharing new clips - to drive tune-in and engagement.

The first influencer activation launched on September 30 by popular French-Canadian YouTuber, Simon Leclerc, in Moncton. Simon flew to Moncton from Quebec to join the tour in support of singer songwriter, Caroline Savoie, at her concert. He was able to capture his entire adventure in Moncton on Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube and engage with his followers throughout his trip using the hashtag, #BRBRbus.

Influicity's marketplace is used by brands, media buyers, and publishers to manage the full influencer marketing process. While many separate tools exist to identify influencers, measure audiences, and provide analytics, Influicity is the industry's first global influencer buying platform. By combining inventory on 99% of the influencer population, along with a full buying console (i.e. payment processing, contracts, collaboration tools, etc.,) Influicity is enabling brands to scale their influencer activities.

The Company's marketplace is used by dozens of brands, media buyers, and publishers across North America.


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